This is self update spot for all Chhetri Members to update their respective details on the comment section. Please be aware that this is the only official website for Chhetri Society here in UK, so our information will have to be viewed between the members, because of that, all have to register in prior to update own details on comment field.
तलको फर्म्याटलाई कपी गर्नुहोस्, त्यहीअनुसार त्यसमा आफ्नो विवरण भर्नुहोस् । तर त्योभन्दा पहिला तपाईँहरुलाई आफ्नो नामलाई दर्ता गराउनु जरुरी हुन्छ, त्यसमा राखिने यूजर नेममा तपाईँ आफ्नो नाम बकाइदा शैलीमा लेख्न सक्नुहुनेछ, त्यसले गर्दा तपाईँहरुलाई आफ्नो नाम तलको फर्म्याटमा लेख्नु पर्दैन । -सम्पादक
This is the detail that we intend to get from you. Chhetri Society is a family, so let’s get to know to each other through Society’s Official Website. This website runs by Narendra Basnet under Supervision of Prakash Khadka Chhetri. The details are as follows-
{Please copy the details below and paste it on comment’s box, then fill over it.} And please delete the section if not applicable. While registering into the site, please provide valid email address, and if you want to get your photo attached with the comment or your profile, please go to [], type your valid email address on a email section, then click on’ get your gravatar’ button. Follow the step ahead. Your photo will be published within minutes in the society’s site.-Editor

Full Name :[If you haven’t got the proper name as User name while registering with the site, if you found the your own name as username, then please delete this section] :
Status :
Phone Number :
Husband/Wife :
Sons/Daughters :

You can even download the membership form to apply by post. The form is given below-
CSUK membership_form-page-001
Address :
Or click here to download the form.

12 thoughts on “Members

  1. Status : Life Member [Ex.President]
    Phone Number : 07956526156
    Wife : Laxima Chhetri
    Father/Mother: N/A
    Sons/Daughters : Jyoti Bikram Chhetri (Son)/ Sushma Chhetri (Daughter)
    Address :Wembley, London

  2. Status : Executive Member
    Phone Number :07766563337
    Husband/Wife :Mina Kumari Thapa Kunwar
    Father/Mother:Not Living UK
    Sons/Daughters : Priya,Pritam,Susant,Shreya
    Address :Kunwar Niwas

  3. Status :current President(Life Member)
    Phone Number : 07988791083
    Husband/Wife :Rama
    Father/Mother:Not living together
    Sons/Daughters :Raksha,Diksha,Subodha
    Address :Aldershot, UK

  4. Status : Treasurer (Life Member)
    Phone Number : 07809675147
    Husband/Wife : Sharada
    Father/Mother: Not living in the UK
    Sons/Daughters : Bharat, Rabin
    Address : Ashford, Kent, UK

  5. Status :Life Member
    Phone Number :07853212584
    Wife: Hari Maya Thapa
    Sons: Anish Kumar & Amod
    Daughters: Anupa
    Address : 18 Springfield Road, Welling, Kent, DA16 1QW

  6. Name: Dirgha Thapa.
    Status : Family member
    Phone Number:07786514602
    Wife: Maiya Thapa
    Son: Anish/Manish Thapa
    Address: 40 Barnfield Gardens Plumstead Common Road. SE18 3QU.

  7. Dhan Bahadur Kunwar
    Status : Vice Chairman(Life Member)
    Phone Number : 07809675147
    Husband/Wife :Sharada Kunwar
    Father/Mother: Not living in the UK
    Sons/Daughters : Bharat, Rabin

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